Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Christmas Basket '13

Every year I make a christmas basket for a select group of friends and family. This year the theme was nostalgia, and I made 20 of them that included edible cookie dough that looks and feels like the stuff you bake (minus the raw egg), a jar of jelly reminiscent of Jell-o, dry hot chocolate mix, and my homemade tea blend. A paper fortune teller was included, designed to help the basket's receiver decide what to eat first.

 Mint, chamomile & rosehip tea

 Hot chocolate mix: Sucant (dried sugar cane), raw cocao, vanilla powder, cinnamon.

 Strawberry, cucumber & mint jelly.

 Edible chocolate cookie "dough": butter, flour, brown sugar, vanilla powder, almond milk, chocolate chips.

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