Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We ate Montreal

 Made it to Au Pied De Cochon, Martin Picard's contemporary take on the gluttony of traditional quebecois cuisine.
 We drank some nice wine.
 First course, guinea liver mousse with jelly and preserves.
 Duck carpaccio with cheese, shaved mushrooms, egg yolk.

 The namesake, au pied de cochon (foot of pig) stuffed with foie gras, served with mashed potatoes, gravy and stewed vegetables. The fattiest, greasiest, most delicious thing I have ever tasted.
 One of the 10 specials for the night was fried sturgeon and chips. It came with two of these giant cones, both filled with fries cooked in duck fat.
 Horse tartare and a much needed salad.
 Bottomless fries!

 Alannah always looks good while gorging.
The next day we ventured to Marche Jean-Talon, a gorgeous and plentiful market!
 The sweetest strawberries and tomatoes.

 Cassoulet to go, yes!
 Qui Lait Cru is an endless cheese shop in the market. We stopped ourselves at five well-thought choices.

We found Parc Jarry to eat our smorgasbord of delights. Cheeses, summer sausage, cassoulet, jelly, fruit, bread, olives and wine! This was my favourite meal of the whole trip. 

 Went to visit Cynthia at her clothing sale in her beautiful apartment.

 Pop-up vintage shop!
 Made our way over to L'gros Luxe, known for their cocktails and outrageous garnishes. Grilled cheese and a bagel with cream cheese were among the other options.
The only poutine I ate was in this grilled cheese sandwich, so good!
 Had to go to Fairmount Bagel.
 The all-dressed is the best.
After many other excursions that didn't involve eating, we ended our trip sitting around this table on the back porch eating and drinking leftovers in the rain.

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